What we offer:
Fog2H20 can recommend, design, build and maintain the best water harvesting system for your specific needs.

This Includes:
• Assessing fog availability in your area and determining how this system can reduce your demand on municipal or groundwater supply; We can help you asses ROI based upon Fog data and available credits or subsidies

• Designing a system to either store water or deliver it to
where it is needed

• Providing full installation and maintenance of the system.

Agriculture and Viticulture
• Deliver water directly from net to crops or vines using drip lines

• Nets are thin and linear and can be installed parallel to rows

Industrial and Commercial
• Replenish underground cisterns or water storage tanks for later use

• Nets can be installed on rooftops or along fence lines in parking lots

• Reduce dependency on municipal water and harvest water in rain barrels for later use

• Nets can be installed out of sight on roofmtops and connect to downspouts

Parks and Recreation
• Replenish ponds and distribute to vegetated landscape areas through irrigation systems

• Nets can be installed along fence lines or higher elevations, and can be painted or masked to improve visual aesthetics

Habitat Rehabilitation from Water Loss
• Replenish water in ecosystems suffering from water loss due to removal of tree canopy and erosion

• Nets can be used as a mitigation measure to regain water that is lost from removal of trees and can be located on exposed erodible surfaces or feed water systems.