Our Partners

We are exclusive distributors of the proven Fog to Water Systems pioneered by Aqualonis in cooperation with the German Water institute under the guidance of industrial designer Peter Trautwein. Online at: www.aqualonis.com

These systems have been designed and modified over the last three years to withstand the brutal weather conditions of higher elevations in Northern Africa. The patented CloudFisher system features a structurally sound and fully engineered support structure as well as frame featuring the most productive fog nets available. The water capture design optimizes fog to water conversion and can accommodate rain capture as well with an optional attachment.

fog2H2o’s fog nets are coated or impregnated with NBD’s hydrophobic nano formula that insures extreme hydrophobicity or water shedding. We are excited to be partnering with nbdnano in increasing water yields. Online at: http://www.nbdnano.com/index.php

We are working closely with the USGS to provide valuable fog to water data thereby supporting their extensive fog mapping effort. These fog maps will help those who want to deploy Cloudfisher systems and climatologists in determining the best use of systems to supplant water supplies and mitigate the effects of climate change. www.usgs.gov
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